Zap-Map FAQs

zap map faqs

This section of the FAQs addresses your frequently asked questions about Zap-Map, including how to access and use the map and how to become a registered user. Related EV and charging issues are covered in our other FAQs pages.

What is Zap-Map?

Zap-Map is an EV charging platform that helps EV drives locate, navigate to charge points, and provide updates for the benefit of the EV community.

Where does Zap-Map’s data come from?

The Zap-Map database is compiled primarily from the charge point networks with dynamic live data integrated for the majority of UK networks. This is supplemented by information from other sources including Open Charge Map, private networks, dealership groups and Zap-Map contributors.

What is dynamic data?

Dynamic data is information which is updated every 5 minutes so users can see if a charge point is available, in use or otherwise unavailable in real time.

Which networks are providing dynamic data?

Networks with dynamic data on Zap-Map have their brand logo in the network filters list. For more info about our dynamic partners go to our Public charging network guides and look out for the live data symbol.

Does Zap-Map have a mobile app?

Yes, available on iOS and Android devices. Click on ‘Zap-Map App’ for details about the latest apps and how to download them from the App Store and Google Play.

What do the Zap-Map coloured markers mean?

The colour inside the charge point markers illustrates charging speed; yellow = slow (<5kW), blue = fast (7-22kW), pink = rapid (43+kW). If there is more than one colour inside an icon then both charging speeds are available at that location.

The marker outline colour indicates charge point status; black = available, blue = charging (on some/all devices), red = Issue reported (on some/all devices).

How do I plan a route on Zap-Map?

To use the Route Planner you must be registered with Zap-Map and signed into your account. Click on ‘Route Planner’ for a step-by-step guide to using the new EV Route Planner.

How do I use the filters on Zap-Map?

Select the filters to view the type of charging points you require by any combination of EV model, connector, speed, network, payment method or access, then press ‘Apply’. Hit clear to remove any filters you have selected.

Can I save filters?

Yes you can! To save a filter (or combination of filters) you must be registered with Zap-Map and signed into your account. Apply the filters you would like, then go to options at the bottom of the menu and press ‘Save’. Give your filter a name and press ‘OK’. Your custom filter will now appear in your filters menu. To delete a saved filter press and hold over the name, then select ‘OK’.

How do I view Taxi only charge points?

To view taxi only points on Zap-Map, go to settings and tick the ‘Show “taxi only” points on map’. When you return to the map, ‘taxi only’ charge points will be displayed and a ‘taxi only’ filter option will appear in the filters menu.

Can I ‘favourite’ a point? How do I view my favourites?

To mark a charge point as a favourite on Zap-Map, find the charge point on the map or list views, go into the information box, then click the star icon at the top of the info box. To see only your favourite points, click the star icon in the bottom left hand corner of the map.

What is Zap-Chat?

Zap-Chat is our community sharing feature that allow users to log a successful charge, update charge point status, indicate the location is ICEd, add photos and last mile info for other EV drivers. Or simply to have a chat about EVs and EV charging!

How do I add a charge point on Zap-Map?

Complete one of our ‘Add a charge point’ forms which best applies; Add a public charge point, Add a Zap-Home point (to share your home point) or Add a Zap-Work point (to share your workplace point).

All data will be reviewed by our data team before being put on the database, so there may be a short delay before you see the point appear on Zap-Map.

How do I update a charge point on Zap-Map?

To update charge point details just post a comment or update the ‘Device status’ or ‘Connector status’ on Zap-Chat or send us an email to

How to I update device and connector status?

To change the status of a connector, select ‘Update status’, and make the relevant changes to the connector. You can then leave an optional message or choose to apply to the whole device then press ‘post’ to confirm.

To indicate a successful charge at a location, select the green ‘thumbs up’ button, select the connector you used, and press ‘Done’. You then have the option to leave a message or add a photo. Press ‘Post’ to submit your change to Zap-Chat. All posts will be immediately visible across Zap-Map platforms.

What is the ‘Report ICEd’ button?

ICE is an abbreviation of ‘internal combustion engine’. ICEd is a term used by the EV charging community when a charge point is blocked by an ICE vehicle which is parked in the charging bay.

Use the ‘Report ICEd’ button at the bottom of the to show other EV drivers that the charge point is unavailable due to being ICEd rather than being out-of-service.