Route Planner FAQs

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To use the Route Planner you must be registered with Zap-Map and signed into your account. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions, or take a look at the ‘step-by-step guide’ for a complete walk-through to using Zap-Map’s EV Route Planner.

Other Zap-Map, user account, electric vehicle, and charging questions are covered in separate FAQs pages.

How do I add a waypoint?

To add a waypoint to your journey press ‘Add Stop’ after you have chosen your starting location & destination.

How do I plan a return journey?

To include a return journey in your route plan, tick ‘Add return journey’ when entering your starting location & destination. Way points will be included in return journeys.

How do I avoid tolls, motorways and ferries?

When defining your starting location & destination select ‘Show route options’ and choose the appropriate action.

Can I plan a route without an EV model?

As routes are calculated using an EV model’s range, it is compulsory to enter your vehicle to use the route planner. If you haven’t already added an EV model to your Zap-Map profile you will need to specify one in the route plan options. Once this has been added or updated it will save to your Zap-Map profile.

How are the EV model ranges calculated and can I change them?

The manufacturer-quoted economy statistics for each EV are used for the Official EV range, which are dervied from the official WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) protocols depending on model. We use these figures, alongside a number of other factors, to calculate the Real EV range for each model.

You can edit the Real EV range to reflect your own experience, which will be used to calculate your estimated drive range.

I can’t see all the chargers on my route, what’s happening?

For pure-EV models the ‘Suggest chargers’ option is automatically ticked, which will only suggest clusters of charge points at the end of each leg (calculated from your drive range). If you would like to see all the chargers along your route just deselect this option.

I can only see rapid (or fast) charge points along my route, what’s happening?

For pure-EV models the ‘Rapid only’ option is automatically selected which will show you only rapid chargers along your route. This setting is ‘Fast only’ for PHEV drivers. To see all charge point speeds along your route, deselect this option.

What do the ‘Battery charge on journey’ options mean?

These options define the percentage of charge at the start of your journey, the percentage you do not want to go below at the end of each leg, and the level of charge you expect to have after each charging stop. For more information and defaults see Step 2 in our step-by-step guide).

What does ‘distance from route’ mean?

This is the distance from your route that the system will search for chargers. The default is 1 mile but can be set to up to 10 miles from the route.

What is ‘drive range’?

Drive range is the estimated maximum distance that you can drive on each leg.

Distance from max drive range is the distance back along the route from your estimated drive range that the system will search for chargers. The default is 20 miles, but it can be set to up to 50 miles. Due to differences between marker distance, the actual search area may vary from input.

Can I see more than three suggested chargers for each leg?

A default of three charge point locations will be suggested for each leg when the ‘Suggest chargers’ option is selected. To increase the number of charge points suggested (to a maximum of 10) go to ‘More options’ and slide the ‘Number of suggested charge locations’ to the right. If you would like to see more than 10 charge locations, deselect the ‘Suggest Chargers option’ to see all the charge locations along a route.

Can I filter charge points along my route by connector type?

To filter charge points along your route by connector type go to ‘More options’, scroll down to ‘Filter by connector type’, and choose the connectors you would like to be shown. Only connectors that are compatible with your EV model will be displayed. To select non-rapid connector types, make sure ‘Rapid only’ (‘Fast only’ for PHEVs) is deselected in the quick plan options.

How do I only see charge points on networks I’m registered with?

To only see charge points on a particular network(s) along your route. Go to ‘More options’, scroll down to ‘Filter by network(s)’ and choose from the list. Then continue to plan your route.

I’ve made changes to the defaults including Real EV range – can I use these next time I plan a route?

If the “Save settings as your default” box is ticked, this means that any changes you make to EV range or general driver options will be saved and will be shown next time you create a new route. If you untick this box your changes will not be saved. You can edit these options under Account/ Driver options or when you next create a route.

How is my route calculated?

Our route planner uses average speed, elevation, and your EV model’s drive range to calculate routes.

The route I expected has not been suggested, what should I do?

After defining your route and options, the route planner will suggest two routes, with distance, time, average speed, and energy use. If your desired route is not suggested, go back to your route plan and add a way-point.

What if there are no charge points available in my search criteria?

If there are no chargers on your route based on your selections, the system will give you the option to expand the charge search area. Then, if still no chargers are displayed, it will suggest you edit your driver options.

What if I don’t need to stop for a charge on my journey?

If the estimated drive range is longer than the journey distance, the system will let you know and give you the option to show all chargers on the route or go back and edit driver options.

How do I add a charge point location to my route?

To add a charge point to your route, click on the location pin, to be shown the charge point place card. This is where you can see the point name, postcode, network, devices and connectors available, and location status. Press ‘Add to route’ to includes this charger on your route plan.

Can I see more charger point location details?

If you would like to see more details about a potential charge point location before adding it to your route, click ‘More’ to be taken to the full location InfoBox, with connector status, price, and access details, and the latest Zap-Chat community updates.

How do I remove a charge point from my route plan?

To remove a charger from your route plan, select the charger you would like to remove (which will take you to the charger preview) and press ‘Remove from route’.

Can I save my route plan and view and/or edit it later?

A maximum of 3 route plans will be saved within your account menu under ‘Your route plans’. Once opened route plans can be viewed as a list or on the map.

Select edit to go back to Step 4 and edit the charger selections. Press the back button to choose a different route, edit driver options, and add way points.

Can I delete my route plan?

Routes can be deleted in the app by swiping left in the ‘Your route plans’ section in the account menu. On the desktop click on ‘Delete’.

How do I navigate to a charge stop with step-by-step driving instructions?

Open your route plan, select the charge stop you would like to navigate to and press ‘Navigate to this charge stop’. This will open directions to this stop from your location in Google Maps/Apple Maps.

Why can’t I see my return journey on desktop?

Currently return journeys are only available on the app. When route plans created on the app with a return journey are viewed on desktop, only the outward journey will be displayed. Return journeys will be coming soon to desktop.