Zap-Pay FAQs

zap pay faqs

This section of the FAQs addresses your frequently asked questions about Zap-Pay, the simple way to pay across participating networks from within the Zap-Map app. Related EV and charging issues are covered in our other FAQs pages.

What is Zap-Pay?

Zap-Pay is a simple way to pay for EV charging across networks, using the leading mapping app service for electric vehicle (EV) users in the UK Zap-Map.

Thousands of EV drivers use Zap-Map today to locate chargers, plan their electric journeys and chat with the EV community. With the addition of Zap-Pay to the Zap Map services, drivers will now be able to search, plan and pay, all in one app – a UK first.

Where can I use Zap-Pay?

Osprey – formerly Engenie – the UK-wide rapid charging network, is Zap-Pay’s launch partner and is the first network available on Zap-Pay.

Rapid network ESB EV Solutions has now joined as Zap-Pay’s second partner.

This will be followed by the next wave of signed-up Zap-Pay partners including LiFe, and Hubsta.

Following from this Zap-Pay will be rolled out across UK networks later in the year and into 2021, providing unique and unrivalled coverage across the whole country.

When will Zap-Pay be available to use?

Zap-Pay is available on more than 150 Osprey charge points and more than 100 ESB EV Solutions charge points, with the entire network Zap-Pay enabled UK wide.

The next stage will see Zap-Pay enabled on charge points with our signed-up Zap-Pay partners Hubsta and LiFe network during 2021.

Timings on access to other charge points on other networks will be posted on the website as the details are finalised.

To access Zap-Pay you may need to download/upgrade the iOS or Android app.

How much does Zap-Pay cost?

Zap-Pay has a simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) price structure which will be set at the same or similar level to the charging networks’ standard PAYG price; Zap-Map reserves the right to charge a small transaction fee per session to the customer. This will be set at 0.0p for the foreseeable future.

The tariff being levied to the customer will be absolutely transparent ahead of any charging session.

How does Zap-Pay work?

Zap-Pay is an app-based payment system which uses a credit or debit card to pay for charging.

The process is simple for the user and is part of the standard check-in process on Zap-Map. On a Zap-Pay payment enabled point the user selects the charger, selects the credit / debit card and starts charging.

How do you identify a Zap-Pay enabled charger?

All Zap-Pay enabled chargers are marked clearly within the Zap-Map app. The user can filter for enabled points within the payment filter or in future on the network filters.

It is not currently possible to identify Zap-Pay enabled charge points on the desktop map.

Do you need to be registered to use Zap-Pay?

No, there is no need for any membership or subscription to use Zap-Pay. If you use Zap-Pay with the free account, you will have a more streamlined process, be able to save cards and view your full charging history.

There is also a guest option available which does not require registration.

How can I add and manage credit card details?

You can add a credit or debit card to the Payment Methods section ahead of a car charging session. There will be a pre-authorisation charge of 5p on your card. You can store multiple cards and delete cards you no longer need.

In addition you can also add your card details during the process of starting a charge at the charge point. On adding your card details you will have the option to save your card details, so that it will be available to select the next time you use Zap-Pay. You can store more than one payment card, and delete cards you no longer need.

How can drivers access payment history / receipts?

If using Zap-Pay from an account, the receipt from charging will be stored within your account, and it will also be emailed to the user. The user will be able to review charging history and access pdf receipts from within the account.

Guest users will have the receipt emailed to the specified email address.

What are the benefits of using Zap-Pay as a driver?

Over 100,000 EV drivers use Zap-Map on a regular basis to locate chargers and plan longer routes. Having Zap-Pay will mean that EV drivers will now also able to search, plan and pay using Zap-Map.

This gives EV drivers a single, simple way to pay across networks, meaning fewer apps, less hassle and a familiar process. In addition, all charging history including a VAT receipts, are available within the app.

Is there a Zap-Pay card?

There is no physical Zap-Pay RFID card, rather Zap-Pay is a digital only app-based payment system which is accessible from within the Zap-Map app.

Are card details stored by Zap-Pay on the device?

Credit / debit card details are not stored on the mobile device, but rather on the secure payment gateway. Users can however select card details based on the last four digits of the card number. New cards can be added and deleted from within Zap-Map.

Is there a Zap-Pay fleet option?

For the initial launch, Zap-Pay is focused at consumers. However, in future developments, the plan is to enable fleet accounts.

What payment cards are accepted?

At launch Zap-Pay supports Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards only.

What is the 5p pre-authorisation charge I see when I add a payment card to Zap-Pay?

To make sure that your payment card is valid, when you add a new card to your Zap-Pay account, we make a 5 pence pre-authorisation charge. This is not a completed payment, but temporarily reserves 5p on your account. The pre-auth charge remains on your account for a short time, the exact period depending on your bank’s policies. In general, the pre-auth is removed within 5 days.

What is the £5 pre-authorisation charge I see every time I use Zap-Pay?

To make sure that your payment card is valid and also that there are funds available in your account, we make a £5 pre-authorisation charge. This is not a completed payment, but reserves £5 in your account prior to the completed charging session. When the session is complete, the pre-authorisation is removed once the full payment is successfully completed.

What happens to the £5 pre-authorisation charge if a charging sessions is not successful or completed?

If the charging session is not completed and no payment is due, the £5 pre-authorisation charge remains on your account for a short time, the exact period depending on your bank’s policies. In general, the pre-auth amount is removed within 5 days.

How can an EV driver sign-up?

There is no need to sign-up, anyone can pay within Zap-Map. Download the Zap-Map app, register a free account and find Zap-Pay enabled chargers.

Is there a support service?

Zap-Pay offers 24/7 support by telephone number 0333 2000 247 or email